Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lamia : Back ground

It start when my sister got hooked into vocaloid, and she mention that there is a way to make your own vocaloid, which called UTAU. That got me, so I research a bit into UTAU and find it intresting, therefor I download the UTAU maker (which size is super small that I was doubting it... 20 min later all the software to make UTAU downloaded successfully~

First impression :

The voice it produce is sad... just... sad D:

Due to my inexperience on UTAU making, Lamia's voicebank is filled with horrible sounds >_<

I try to re record again and again but thing didn't go smoothly.

My sister scold me saying that UTAU can't be perfect (note : I never hear a single UTAU song before)

After more trying and failing, I relent and start making the song.

Originally I want to make Bleach song, [Houki Boushi], but I cant find any readable partiture, so I move on to another song, and after 3 more days, viola, come out Lamia's first song [Kaze no Uta], HunterxHunter's ending song.

Honestly speaking, it's not good at all ~__~. She sings supper unnaturally, the words are not flowing together, the vowels hard to hear, back ground noisy, the high pitch "A" sounds like sensor sound, you know the "BEEEEEP" thing~ and many more.

Oh well, hope with time I can make Lamia sing more beautifully ^^

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